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Kew Forest Maintenance Supply Co. not only offers you supplies, but service as well. This concept of supplies plus service really means that Kew Forest can provide you with a SYSTEM.

  • You'll have the convenience of one-stop shopping for supplies, as well as access to these unique and reliable services:
Free Delivery

For cost-conscious buyers, we have a convenient supply delivery system. With our own fleet of trucks, we offer 24-hour or next-day delivery of most Kew Forest products when you need them fast. All our supplies are delivered to you free of charge.

Free Training

Kew Forest would like you to know that we offer training in the use of all our products. Do you have a special cleaning problem? We can evaluate your particular needs and help you select the best product for the job and then show you how to use it.

Confused about how to use a new floor or carpet care machine? We offer free floor and carpet maintenance instruction. Our team of experts will show you and your maintenance staff how to use these items to get the best results. Audio/visual presentations on this subject are available.

Our modern showroom is fully stocked with the most complete floor and carpet maintenance equipment. You'll be able to observe demonstrations with industrial vacuum cleaners, floor machines, carpet shampooers, wall washers, pressure washers, etc. We're confident that after a demonstration, you will be able to make an informed decision about the type of machine needed in your maintenance situation. Kew Forest will schedule a demonstration or a training session in our showroom or on your premises.


Full-Service Repair

Our repair team works right on the Kew Forest premises. Routine repairs as well as factory-warranty repair jobs are done here. All equipment sold by Kew Forest is serviced directly by our company, so you never have to deal with the manufacturer. As an added convenience to our customers, our full-service shop is equipped to repair items such as commercial vacuums, floor-polishing machines, carpet-cleaning equipment, snow blowers, lawn mowers, McCulloch chain saws, water-rams, sprayers, power tools, etc.

  • Our service and sales staff is always available to demonstrate how a product works before you buy it and to answer questions about a supply after you buy it.

  • We also offer several ways to order all your maintenance supplies:
Place an order by  phone
Have an experienced salesperson come to your site.
Pick up supplies right at Kew Forest.
  • If you'd like to visit us, we welcome you to inspect our fully stocked showroom and warehouses and evaluate our products.

  • For your added convenience, we have on-site parking. 

  • With an inventory as large as ours, we offer the right product at the right price.

Our system is used by a variety of businesses:

Apartment Buildings
Office/Commercial Buildings
Health Clubs
Airport Terminals
Factories/Industrial Plants
Nursing Homes
Theaters/Movie Houses
Convention Centers
Sports Arenas
College/University Campuses
Utility Companies.